We are a bunch of tech guys from India trying to establish a win-win situation with our customers. Through us, you can buy items that are not available in Australia, items that are available in Australia but the price difference is convincing, products unique to India.

Given India’s growing economy and diverse culture, the commerce (online and retail) market is huge in India. For example, the ‘Amazon Basics’ collection Amazon offers includes tens of products in Australia, Hundreds in India, Thousands in the USA.

Our company is founded by Ajay N, a customer support specialist. He worked for Groupon AU/NZ customer support for a few years and have got good friends/ex-colleagues in Australia.

We strive to make our customer service best in class and hope to offer you a new/economical way to buy things.

As usual, there are some items you can’t just get into a country. If any of the items you want is such (tobacco/alcohol/some electronics), we will let you know.

We can/do of course ship things to New Zealand as well.