Shopping from India made easy.

We help you buy things from India and get them shipped to Australia seamlessly.

The Indian eCommerce market is growing continuously with large players like Amazon, Walmart (Flipkart), Tata and many innovative small Indian businesses.

We believe we can help an average Australian shopper/home take advantage of the great prices/deals in India.

We make sure you get great value for your money even after paying the shipping+import+service and any other charges involved in getting a product from India to Australia.

What you can buy from India

How it works?

1. Choose what you want.

There are millions of products available in India and these are some of the things you can buy:

  1. Amazon's Amazon Basics items

  2. Brands like Gillette/Nike/Puma/Adidas/Reebok

  3. Clothing, Footwear and Fashion - Both Indian and Western

  4. For kids and Babies - Clothing, Toys

  5. Kitchen utensils

  6. Bedding

  7. Luggage/Trolleys

  8. Notebooks, Stationery

  9. Indian Handicrafts

We also have in our inventory some products that offer you the best value for your money. These are verified/reviewed products that we shortlisted.

2. Buy it.

You can buy the items yourself and send them to the custom address we provide you. Make sure your card is good for international payments.

Or we can buy them for you and keep them in your inventory. This way, you can make a single payment to us instead of paying each website you are buying from.

3.Get it.

Once your inventory reaches a certain weight/value where it makes sense from a savings standpoint, we will pack everything carefully and ship it to Australia using an economical & reliable delivery service.

Shipping takes 3-4 weeks time so remember to order items that you don't need within a few days.

Our shipping rates are listed HERE.